Readin Response Journal May 4, 200

I just finished reading a book called Joey Pigza Loses Control, by Jack Gantos. This book made me feel, that sometimes parents could be a little too nice, and because of that their kids could go a little out of control. This book reminded me of when my dad always says I could buy whatever I want. But when my ask my mom, she doesn't really say yes, that often. So when I'm with my dad I always think I could buy whatever I want, but even I'm with him I don't really ask for that much things. I always ask my mom. This book also reminds me of my grandma's friend , who smokes all the time, and drinks a lot. I'm always watching him, and sometimes I ask him why he keeps on smoking, and I tell him he should stop, but he just can't stop. Same with Joey's dad, he keep on smoking, and now he started he can't stop. These connections helped me really think about how joey and his mom thought, when his dad was smoking, and how joey did whatever he wanted, because his dad kind of made him. It was easier for me to understand the story. I think this is a just right book for me, because I understand clearly the characters feelings, the main idea, and other things.

I think Joey had changed a lot in this story. At first he always puts his patches on, and listened to his mom. But after he went to live with his dad for a while, all of a sudden he went out of control. His dad took him to do things he had never done, he said he didn't have to wear his patches, and so joey became to be like his dad. He didn't wear his patches, he did unusual things other people didn't do, and that was all because, he didn't have his patches on. Grandma also changed a little. First she was always mean to Joey, and she was teasing him. But as the story went on she became kind of nicer, and she was sometimes on Joey's side. I think joey changed, because of his dad. Because his dad was always so nice to him, in his way, and he was kind of spoiling him. He was letting him do dangerous things, and he was making Joey go out of control. I think grandma changed, because at first she didn't like Pablo, Joey's dog, that much. But now she was OK with him, and she thought that Joey was a fun Little kid. So now she didn't always get mad at him anymore.

The problem of the story, was that dad kept on letting Joey do whatever he wanted, and he was letting Joey do things his mom would never let him do. Joey started to thought that all the things his dad said were right, and he thought he was having lots of fun. He wanted to be a normal id, but he just couldn't control him self. But after the big game, and other problems, he started to want to live with his mom again. He didn't want to stay with his dad anymore, and do all the things he have been enjoying. So his mom came and pick him up, and she brought him and Pablo home. Dad didn't see them when they left, but I think grandma and his girl friends Liz, had told him. If I was going to change this book I would change the ending. I think the ending was a little bit strange. The ending was just that his mom went to pick Joey up, and they just straight away went home. Maybe I made the ending, like mom picks Joey up, and there she meets dad, and they talk about the past, then they become one full family, all back together again, and they decide to go home together, and maybe Liz could go back to where she came from, and grandma could also go with Joey, back to their home. I think the Author's message is even if you weren't a normal kid like everyone else, if you try to and do what you are suppose to do,, and if you don't make it worse, you can make it.

April 23,2010 Reading Response Journnal

I just finished a book called, Madison Finn Only the Lonely, by Laura dower. This book made me feel the importance of friends, and how you can really miss them, for not seeing them for even just a short while. Also that, friends don't stay the way they do, they can change a lot, how they react, they can sometimes change a little. This book reminded me of when I really missed my friend, when I couldn't see them for a long time, and I always stayed in contact, with t feel hem. When they come back, I would be always so happy, to see them back again. These connections helped me, so when I am reading the book, I can understand the characters feelings, how they when they are lonely, without their friends. I think this is a just right book for me, because the text is the right size, and I could make connections, and understand clearly the main idea of the story. I also think it is just right, because when it is just right for me, I would always want to read more and more, and find out what is going to happen, but if it is not, I wouldn't really want to read it.

I think madison had changed throughout the book. At first, she felt really lonely and she would run away, when she is scared or nervous, but now she wouldn't run away anymore, and at the end she doesn't feel lonely anymore. She had friends to be with, and she was never lonely again. Fiona, one of Madison's friend she met in the summer, had changed too. At first, she met madison in summer, and they were always having fun, and they were both good friends. But when school started, she started to hang out, with Ivy, and her friends. They were egg, madison, and Aimee's enemies. so suddenly things begin to change, and madison couldn't talk to Fiona, because she would always be with ivy, and her friends. Madison had changed, because of the help of all her friends, supporting her. Fiona had started to change, since she became to hang out, with ivy and her friends, and so they would always be together, and Fiona didn't know that Ivy was Madison's enemy.

The problem of the story was solved after the BBQ party. There, Fiona and Aimee was there. Fiona said she didn't want to get mad, so she forgave madison, and they all agreed that it was a misunderstanding, about how madison ignored her and was kind of rude to her, because ivy was there. I think that was a great ending. At the end, all of the friendship things, were all put together, and now that they were all happy, as friends forever. If I was going to change a part in this book, I would write more about when they were in school, and when Fiona was with Ivy. So we can know more about what happened to them, and what they were doing together. So it would be more interesting. I think the authors message was, that even if you get fights and problems, among your friends, you can always find a way to make up, and you can still be friends all the time.


Civil war Reading Responce

I just Finished reading a book called Abe Lincoln's Hat, by Martha Brenner. This book made me feel about how we work really hard everyday, and how people do things for us, to help us make this world better, and make all the people happy, and make it fair for everyone. This reminds me of other famous people, that did a lot of intelligent stuff, to help the people in the world, and they worked really hard, to make the people happy, and so we could have a better world. These connections helped me really think about why they were doing these things for us, and really helping everybody, in this world. I think it is a little too easy for me. Thats why I got to really understand what the story was about, and make connections, to help me understand it even more.

At first, Lincoln was not really organized, and he always forgot, to read his letters. So he wouldn't reply. But as he noticed, that he didn't read or open, most of his letters. So he decided to put all his important letters, in to his hat, so it is more easier for him, to remember to read all the letters. I think he is very smart, to think of putting his letters in to his hat. Because he knew, he had to do something, so he could remember to read his letters. When he didn't reply people would sometimes complain, and when he gets back home, he won't check for a long time, so he would for get about it, and when he remembers, he would have so many letters, he won't be able to read them all. So then I think he had an idea, to put it in his tall hat, he wears, everyday. The town people, at first, didn't really talk about him him and things like that, but, after he had done things that really helped a lot of people, and was very kind to them, they started to always listen to his speeches, and voted for him. I think the way Lincoln changed, and how he was very helpful, made them think that he was very special.

The problem, was that he would, always forget, to read all his letters, he was too busy, that he would always have too many, to read. So he decided to put them all in his hat. So he could take of his hat, and see all his letters, anytime he wanted. I think how he thought of that, was a very great idea. So he would have his important letters, always on the top of his head. If I had to change a part, of this book, I would write more things about his life, and more interesting facts about him. So we could learn more about his whole life, and how they have more interesting facts, it would help us want to read it more, and help us understand it more. But the rest of the story, is really good. I think the author's message, is to tell you, that you should always be organized, so it would be easier for you. Trying to think of ways, to keep things organized, and how you should try to keep tract, on what you are doing. At the end, then you will not have loads of things to do. If you do them little by little, each day, you could get them done.

38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation

I just finished reading a book called, 38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation, by Mona Kerby. This book made me feel about, the time I'm at school, and the feeling, of how I can't wait, till summer vacation. All the bullying, and the friendship, relationship. This story reminds me of when I'm at school. When all sorts of weird things happen, among bully's, friends, and popular people in your class. This story also makes me think of this series of books, about 4th grade kids. These connections helped me understand the main idea. Especially the connection to my real life, helps me a lot. I think this is a just right book for me. Because the text is the right size, I can understand the story line, and I am clear, about what is going on.

I think Nora Jean, and Jimmy Lee, had changed a lot in this story. At first Nora Jean always wanted to be like Thomasina. Because she thought Thomasina was the coolest girl in their school. but Nora Jean also had another best friend named Rosalie. But she was her 2nd best friend. Thomasina was her first. Their was this really mean bully, Jimmy Lee. He always teased Nora Jean, and did really rude things to her. But as the story was coming to an end, Nora Jean didn't really like Thomasina as much as she did in the beginning of the year, and one day when they were having a pizza party, Nora Jean, suddenly choked. Then Jimmy Lee came over, and started squeezing her. Nora Jean thought he was murdering her, but she found out, that he was helping her, and he actually saved her life. I think it made Nora Jean think that Thomasina wasn't that cool, because like, whenever she talked to her, sometimes she would ignore her, and as the year went, she thought that she wasn't that special.

The problem of the book was, that Jimmy Lee kept on teasing Nora Jean. Every time, he teased her, she would try to say things to him. He keeps on doing it, and Nora Jean doesn't seem very upset, and as it went on, I think Jimmy Lee didn't really think Nora Jean was really weird. But at the pizza party, he actually saved her life. At the end of the school year, Nora Jean thought that, he wasn't bad after all. I think how Nora Jean always didn't really bother to listen to what Jimmy Lee said, made him stop bullying her. With the confidence she had. If I was going to change something in this book, I will make the main problem, a little bit more interesting, and maybe the beginning of the story could change a little bit. Because the snake in the bathroom, didn't really have to do, with the real problem. This story was just about Jimmy Lee, keep on teasing Nora Jean. I think the Author could of changed the main thing of the story, a little bit. I think the author's message is that you shouldn't bully people, and think one person is cool, and so you become that person's friend. But I think the main message is about how Jimmy Lee was always bullying Nora Jean. Also, maybe even they were really mean to you, sometimes they can also be kind of nice.

Reading Response Journal December/15,2009

I just finished a book called, "Thea Stilton And The Mountain Of Fire", by Thea Stilton. This book made me feel, that going on adventures with you best friends, is really fun. The way the book was all about their wonderful adventure, it made me feel like really wanting to go on a adventure, with my own friends. This book reminded me, of how I really wanted to go on adventures with my friends, but I never got a chance to, so I would always think and imagine, what kind of great adventure will be fun. Making connections to my own life made me understand the main idea of the book, so I can follow along the story. I think this is a just right book for me, because I can follow along what events is happening, the words are not too small, and I can understand each word very well.

I think as the story went along, Mortimer MacCardigan, changed a lot. He is one of the thea sisters neighbor. The thea sisters and Mortimer, both breeds sheep. Mortimer always wants to be the best. At the beginning of the book Mortimer was really evil, and he always wanted to by Naya's ranch, but she refused. So Mortimer didn't give up. Naya is one of the thea sisters grandma. So he spreaded lead all over the ranch, so all the sheep lost it's fur. He kept on doing bad things to the sheep. But as the story begins to end, when the thea sisters slowly discovers that Mortimer did all this, and when finally they are sure he did it, mortimer thought about all the things he had done, and he gave them this sorry note, and a rose flower. Nicky was also always down, but when she got the sheeps recovered she brightened up and she was really happy. All the help of his son Nate, always trying to stop him from doing this, Mortimer had made him feel that he was doing a horrible thing.

The problem was Mortimer kept on disturbing the thea sisters, and making the sheep lose their wool. He always followed them and was always spying on them. But Nate his son, would always stop him from doing things to the sheep. So Nate couldn't stand it anymore. So he told the thea sisters the truth, and so mortimer was so angry, he went away with Nate. At the end mortimer dropped a note of apology, to the thea sisters. I think that was a great ending, that the character that was very bad in the story, thought about what he did, and at the end he apologized and he no longer did things like that. If I was going to change a part of this book, I would make Nate a bad guy at the beginning, and make him help his father in the trap for the sheep. But at thee middle Nate thinks about it and finally tries to stop mortimer after he figures out that he was not doing the right thing. I think the message from the Author, is even though you think other people have a lot of stuff more than you you shouldn't do really bad things to them, and think about it, what would you feel if someone did it to you.

Sign of the beaver/ December 1

This story is about how two people from different cultures can still be friends. And this also talks about how important friendship is. This story began, by moving to a forest with his father. He said he will come back in 6 weeks, but instead he came back after a few more weeks. After spending time byhimself, there was a man named ben. And he stole a rifel, and ran away.Matt was always by himself, and he was lonely, but one day it all changed after he met attean. As the story went, they spent there time together, and as they become friends and they stay together for a long time, matt found out that when he got stung by the bee, attean was watching him all the time, while he was hiding. And attean was watching him when he got attacked by the bear. This story happened in the middle to the late 1700's. And when the colonazation of Amerrica happened. At the end attean asked matt to be his brother and llive with him, but matt didn't agree, and he wanted to live with his dad. So even they didn't live together, and even they were from different cultures, they still got to be friends.

Whipping Boy Summary

There was a prince named Prince Brat. But his real name was prince Horace. He was a very mean prince. There was also a whipping boy, named Jemmy. He was an orphan, and he got found on the streets. Prince Brat treated him as a servant boy. As the story goes, they have a lot of adventures together, different kind of things happened to them. In the middle of the adventure, they met two people, Cutwater, and Hold-Your-Nose-Billy. In the story they are always following Prince Brat and Jemmy. They are the bad people. prince brat would always whip jemmy when Prince Brat was in trouble and didn't want to learn anything.

As the story goes, Prince Brat and jemmy slowly becomes friends. And in the middle of the story they get kidnapped, by Cutwater, and Hold-your-Nose-billy. They try to escape, eventually they escaped from the kidnapping case.

Closer to the ending , they met Betsy, and a bear named petunia. As you read the story, Prince Brat and Jemmy have been changing there character, there personality throughout the story.