38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation

I just finished reading a book called, 38 Weeks Till Summer Vacation, by Mona Kerby. This book made me feel about, the time I'm at school, and the feeling, of how I can't wait, till summer vacation. All the bullying, and the friendship, relationship. This story reminds me of when I'm at school. When all sorts of weird things happen, among bully's, friends, and popular people in your class. This story also makes me think of this series of books, about 4th grade kids. These connections helped me understand the main idea. Especially the connection to my real life, helps me a lot. I think this is a just right book for me. Because the text is the right size, I can understand the story line, and I am clear, about what is going on.

I think Nora Jean, and Jimmy Lee, had changed a lot in this story. At first Nora Jean always wanted to be like Thomasina. Because she thought Thomasina was the coolest girl in their school. but Nora Jean also had another best friend named Rosalie. But she was her 2nd best friend. Thomasina was her first. Their was this really mean bully, Jimmy Lee. He always teased Nora Jean, and did really rude things to her. But as the story was coming to an end, Nora Jean didn't really like Thomasina as much as she did in the beginning of the year, and one day when they were having a pizza party, Nora Jean, suddenly choked. Then Jimmy Lee came over, and started squeezing her. Nora Jean thought he was murdering her, but she found out, that he was helping her, and he actually saved her life. I think it made Nora Jean think that Thomasina wasn't that cool, because like, whenever she talked to her, sometimes she would ignore her, and as the year went, she thought that she wasn't that special.

The problem of the book was, that Jimmy Lee kept on teasing Nora Jean. Every time, he teased her, she would try to say things to him. He keeps on doing it, and Nora Jean doesn't seem very upset, and as it went on, I think Jimmy Lee didn't really think Nora Jean was really weird. But at the pizza party, he actually saved her life. At the end of the school year, Nora Jean thought that, he wasn't bad after all. I think how Nora Jean always didn't really bother to listen to what Jimmy Lee said, made him stop bullying her. With the confidence she had. If I was going to change something in this book, I will make the main problem, a little bit more interesting, and maybe the beginning of the story could change a little bit. Because the snake in the bathroom, didn't really have to do, with the real problem. This story was just about Jimmy Lee, keep on teasing Nora Jean. I think the Author could of changed the main thing of the story, a little bit. I think the author's message is that you shouldn't bully people, and think one person is cool, and so you become that person's friend. But I think the main message is about how Jimmy Lee was always bullying Nora Jean. Also, maybe even they were really mean to you, sometimes they can also be kind of nice.

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  1. I liked how you explained that Nora didn't like Thomasina. Something else is I like how you explained how Thomasina and Jimmy changed in the book. Something else I would add if I were you is something about each character, because in the beginning when I read this you said "I think Nora Jean, and Jimmy Lee, had changed a lot in this story" I didn't really know a lot about Nora and Jimmy so maybe next time you can add that. But overall you did a really good job.