Reading Response Journal December/15,2009

I just finished a book called, "Thea Stilton And The Mountain Of Fire", by Thea Stilton. This book made me feel, that going on adventures with you best friends, is really fun. The way the book was all about their wonderful adventure, it made me feel like really wanting to go on a adventure, with my own friends. This book reminded me, of how I really wanted to go on adventures with my friends, but I never got a chance to, so I would always think and imagine, what kind of great adventure will be fun. Making connections to my own life made me understand the main idea of the book, so I can follow along the story. I think this is a just right book for me, because I can follow along what events is happening, the words are not too small, and I can understand each word very well.

I think as the story went along, Mortimer MacCardigan, changed a lot. He is one of the thea sisters neighbor. The thea sisters and Mortimer, both breeds sheep. Mortimer always wants to be the best. At the beginning of the book Mortimer was really evil, and he always wanted to by Naya's ranch, but she refused. So Mortimer didn't give up. Naya is one of the thea sisters grandma. So he spreaded lead all over the ranch, so all the sheep lost it's fur. He kept on doing bad things to the sheep. But as the story begins to end, when the thea sisters slowly discovers that Mortimer did all this, and when finally they are sure he did it, mortimer thought about all the things he had done, and he gave them this sorry note, and a rose flower. Nicky was also always down, but when she got the sheeps recovered she brightened up and she was really happy. All the help of his son Nate, always trying to stop him from doing this, Mortimer had made him feel that he was doing a horrible thing.

The problem was Mortimer kept on disturbing the thea sisters, and making the sheep lose their wool. He always followed them and was always spying on them. But Nate his son, would always stop him from doing things to the sheep. So Nate couldn't stand it anymore. So he told the thea sisters the truth, and so mortimer was so angry, he went away with Nate. At the end mortimer dropped a note of apology, to the thea sisters. I think that was a great ending, that the character that was very bad in the story, thought about what he did, and at the end he apologized and he no longer did things like that. If I was going to change a part of this book, I would make Nate a bad guy at the beginning, and make him help his father in the trap for the sheep. But at thee middle Nate thinks about it and finally tries to stop mortimer after he figures out that he was not doing the right thing. I think the message from the Author, is even though you think other people have a lot of stuff more than you you shouldn't do really bad things to them, and think about it, what would you feel if someone did it to you.

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