Reading Response Journal December/15,2009

I just finished a book called, "Thea Stilton And The Mountain Of Fire", by Thea Stilton. This book made me feel, that going on adventures with you best friends, is really fun. The way the book was all about their wonderful adventure, it made me feel like really wanting to go on a adventure, with my own friends. This book reminded me, of how I really wanted to go on adventures with my friends, but I never got a chance to, so I would always think and imagine, what kind of great adventure will be fun. Making connections to my own life made me understand the main idea of the book, so I can follow along the story. I think this is a just right book for me, because I can follow along what events is happening, the words are not too small, and I can understand each word very well.

I think as the story went along, Mortimer MacCardigan, changed a lot. He is one of the thea sisters neighbor. The thea sisters and Mortimer, both breeds sheep. Mortimer always wants to be the best. At the beginning of the book Mortimer was really evil, and he always wanted to by Naya's ranch, but she refused. So Mortimer didn't give up. Naya is one of the thea sisters grandma. So he spreaded lead all over the ranch, so all the sheep lost it's fur. He kept on doing bad things to the sheep. But as the story begins to end, when the thea sisters slowly discovers that Mortimer did all this, and when finally they are sure he did it, mortimer thought about all the things he had done, and he gave them this sorry note, and a rose flower. Nicky was also always down, but when she got the sheeps recovered she brightened up and she was really happy. All the help of his son Nate, always trying to stop him from doing this, Mortimer had made him feel that he was doing a horrible thing.

The problem was Mortimer kept on disturbing the thea sisters, and making the sheep lose their wool. He always followed them and was always spying on them. But Nate his son, would always stop him from doing things to the sheep. So Nate couldn't stand it anymore. So he told the thea sisters the truth, and so mortimer was so angry, he went away with Nate. At the end mortimer dropped a note of apology, to the thea sisters. I think that was a great ending, that the character that was very bad in the story, thought about what he did, and at the end he apologized and he no longer did things like that. If I was going to change a part of this book, I would make Nate a bad guy at the beginning, and make him help his father in the trap for the sheep. But at thee middle Nate thinks about it and finally tries to stop mortimer after he figures out that he was not doing the right thing. I think the message from the Author, is even though you think other people have a lot of stuff more than you you shouldn't do really bad things to them, and think about it, what would you feel if someone did it to you.

Sign of the beaver/ December 1

This story is about how two people from different cultures can still be friends. And this also talks about how important friendship is. This story began, by moving to a forest with his father. He said he will come back in 6 weeks, but instead he came back after a few more weeks. After spending time byhimself, there was a man named ben. And he stole a rifel, and ran away.Matt was always by himself, and he was lonely, but one day it all changed after he met attean. As the story went, they spent there time together, and as they become friends and they stay together for a long time, matt found out that when he got stung by the bee, attean was watching him all the time, while he was hiding. And attean was watching him when he got attacked by the bear. This story happened in the middle to the late 1700's. And when the colonazation of Amerrica happened. At the end attean asked matt to be his brother and llive with him, but matt didn't agree, and he wanted to live with his dad. So even they didn't live together, and even they were from different cultures, they still got to be friends.

Whipping Boy Summary

There was a prince named Prince Brat. But his real name was prince Horace. He was a very mean prince. There was also a whipping boy, named Jemmy. He was an orphan, and he got found on the streets. Prince Brat treated him as a servant boy. As the story goes, they have a lot of adventures together, different kind of things happened to them. In the middle of the adventure, they met two people, Cutwater, and Hold-Your-Nose-Billy. In the story they are always following Prince Brat and Jemmy. They are the bad people. prince brat would always whip jemmy when Prince Brat was in trouble and didn't want to learn anything.

As the story goes, Prince Brat and jemmy slowly becomes friends. And in the middle of the story they get kidnapped, by Cutwater, and Hold-your-Nose-billy. They try to escape, eventually they escaped from the kidnapping case.

Closer to the ending , they met Betsy, and a bear named petunia. As you read the story, Prince Brat and Jemmy have been changing there character, there personality throughout the story.

Reading Response Journal

I just finished a book called Still Just Grace. It is by Charise Mericle Harper. This book made me feel that friends are really important, and just playing with another friend doesn't mean you lose that friend. This reminded me of when my friend plays with someone else for a few days in a row, I sometimes feel like I lost her. But I didn't, at the end we are still friends. Sometimes playing with different people is also fun. It also reminded me of becoming friends with a mean girl and doing projects with her. And most of all the part, when you don't ever lose your friend just because she plays with someone else for a while. This helped me on my reading, when I got to make connections to my real life. Because making connections can help me understand more about the story. I think this is a just right book, because I understand the story very clearly, and the text is not too small or too big. And I understand each piece in the story.

I think Grace the main character had changed, and also mimi her best friend and also the other grace that use to be mean to grace and the other girls. I think at the beginning of the story, Grace was a nice girl and she was always with mimi. But when she had to go to meet her grandma, and when she came back. She noticed that mimi isn't playing with her. So for her school project she was with the other three graces in her class. I think she at first she was always having fun with mimi, but now she is just always thinking about mimi. And worrying about her. I also think the mean grace has changed also. At the very start of the year, she was a big meanie, and she use to tease grace and the other girls. But as the year went a long, and when they were having a project at school, and when she was with all the graces in her class, she became really nice, and she even invited them to her house.Mimi had also change she was always a happy girl, with grace. But now she's just becoming like the boy neighbor, and she is a little upset about grace.

The problem was that Grace was best friends with mimi, but one day when this boy moved in their neighbor hood, and Grace went to her grandma's house to do something. When she was leaving she said bye to mimi, but mimi didn't seem to be sad, she seems Ok with out her. And she was playing with the new neighbor boy. He came to there school. So grace was a little worried about it, but she went to her grandma's house. When she came back, mimi was always just with the new boy and this other boy named sammy. Grace thought sammy was really annoying. One day they were having this project where you had to get in groups of four or three, and get together and present something to the class, about language. So grace couldn't go with mimi so she had know choice, she went with the two other graces when the mean grace joined us. Grace wanted to get with mimi, but when she tries to talk to her, sammy and the new boy will just follow them. But at the end grace and her group does a project. And you have to write down what you lost. At the end grace found out the mimi wrote that she lost her best friend but it seems like she is not her best friend any more. So grace was so surprised, and they became best friends again, also with the new boy and sammy. I think the ending is really good, at the end making up with a special friend is a really good ending. I think this book is really good, but if I was going to change one part of this book, I would change, where it says that the new boy is good at doing a handstand, so now mimi can do a perfect hand stand, the author can change it to something else more interesting. Because their project was also doing a handstand, and making the alphabet. So maybe if it's something more cool, the project part of the story, will be more interesting. I think the Author's message was that to tell us that friends are very important. Just seeing your best friend playing with someone else doesn't really mean you lose that friend. You could have a lot of friends not just one friend. And that doing a project like that and writing what you lost is also very important, sharing your things with everybody. And I think just that one message from mimi, made grace feel hat mimi is still her one and only special friend.

Book Bytes October 2009

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Fantastic Mr.Fox Oct/14,09

I finished a book called Fantastic Mr.Fox, it is by Roald Dahl. This book made me feel that people are sometimes a little too mean to animals. I know that they catch animals to eat, but the three farmers were chasing them around all the time, and they will never give up!! The foxes are also steeling there food so I know there feelings but still I think the farmers chase them too much. This book reminded me about the book called, The Three Little Pigs. It is simmmillar, how they are running away from this bad guy. And trying to get that bad guy away, and at the end of course it is a happy ending. The wolf ran away after put into the boiling pot, and the three farmers also didn't have a happy ending. This story helped me learn that you shouldn't really be mean to others , because then if you become nice, other people will also be nice to you. If the foxes stole food from the farmers , and he know that there going to get them e should of not steel them and get food from some where else. Then the farmers might of not chased them a lot and make them in trouble.

At first the farmers were not that mean. They were just complaining that the foxes are stealing there food, but as the story goes on, the farmers get meaner and meaner, and so the fox is in big trouble running away from them. The three farmers were really lazy, every day they would just sit and not much do there job. One thing there not lazy about is hunting for the foxes . I think at the little fox cubs were really working hard digging the whole, to help the fox family from the mean man's. I think the mean farmers didn't have to camp outside of the foxes whole. So all the animals that lived in the forest couldn't come out from there houses for the whole time.

The problem was the mean farmers used a big truck to dig the foxes whole, and at night they would put a tent up and sleep there. One day the foxes invited the forest animals to come to there whole to find food and stay together, and help dig underground so they won't get us how hard they dig. So they said sure. At the end the farmers was never seen again , and the animals lived happily ever after. I think that was a great ending. The foxes didn't have to stay in there whole all the time. And they didn't have to worry about food supplies. Also the 3 bad ones got arrested . But I think stealing food from the farmers was also not really good. But I really don't know which one I will want to be if I was in the story. If I was the Author I think I will change the ending. Then it might be a little interesting, if the farmers were faster than the foxes, and they kept on digging, and finally the farmers dig and dig and catch the foxes. Then it might be interesting if at the end both of them become friends, and they share the food and live together happily . I think the Author's message is that if you try to be very harm to the animls , at the end something bad will happen to you, even if the animals did something wrong too.