Whipping Boy Summary

There was a prince named Prince Brat. But his real name was prince Horace. He was a very mean prince. There was also a whipping boy, named Jemmy. He was an orphan, and he got found on the streets. Prince Brat treated him as a servant boy. As the story goes, they have a lot of adventures together, different kind of things happened to them. In the middle of the adventure, they met two people, Cutwater, and Hold-Your-Nose-Billy. In the story they are always following Prince Brat and Jemmy. They are the bad people. prince brat would always whip jemmy when Prince Brat was in trouble and didn't want to learn anything.

As the story goes, Prince Brat and jemmy slowly becomes friends. And in the middle of the story they get kidnapped, by Cutwater, and Hold-your-Nose-billy. They try to escape, eventually they escaped from the kidnapping case.

Closer to the ending , they met Betsy, and a bear named petunia. As you read the story, Prince Brat and Jemmy have been changing there character, there personality throughout the story.

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