Sign of the beaver/ December 1

This story is about how two people from different cultures can still be friends. And this also talks about how important friendship is. This story began, by moving to a forest with his father. He said he will come back in 6 weeks, but instead he came back after a few more weeks. After spending time byhimself, there was a man named ben. And he stole a rifel, and ran away.Matt was always by himself, and he was lonely, but one day it all changed after he met attean. As the story went, they spent there time together, and as they become friends and they stay together for a long time, matt found out that when he got stung by the bee, attean was watching him all the time, while he was hiding. And attean was watching him when he got attacked by the bear. This story happened in the middle to the late 1700's. And when the colonazation of Amerrica happened. At the end attean asked matt to be his brother and llive with him, but matt didn't agree, and he wanted to live with his dad. So even they didn't live together, and even they were from different cultures, they still got to be friends.

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