Fantastic Mr.Fox Oct/14,09

I finished a book called Fantastic Mr.Fox, it is by Roald Dahl. This book made me feel that people are sometimes a little too mean to animals. I know that they catch animals to eat, but the three farmers were chasing them around all the time, and they will never give up!! The foxes are also steeling there food so I know there feelings but still I think the farmers chase them too much. This book reminded me about the book called, The Three Little Pigs. It is simmmillar, how they are running away from this bad guy. And trying to get that bad guy away, and at the end of course it is a happy ending. The wolf ran away after put into the boiling pot, and the three farmers also didn't have a happy ending. This story helped me learn that you shouldn't really be mean to others , because then if you become nice, other people will also be nice to you. If the foxes stole food from the farmers , and he know that there going to get them e should of not steel them and get food from some where else. Then the farmers might of not chased them a lot and make them in trouble.

At first the farmers were not that mean. They were just complaining that the foxes are stealing there food, but as the story goes on, the farmers get meaner and meaner, and so the fox is in big trouble running away from them. The three farmers were really lazy, every day they would just sit and not much do there job. One thing there not lazy about is hunting for the foxes . I think at the little fox cubs were really working hard digging the whole, to help the fox family from the mean man's. I think the mean farmers didn't have to camp outside of the foxes whole. So all the animals that lived in the forest couldn't come out from there houses for the whole time.

The problem was the mean farmers used a big truck to dig the foxes whole, and at night they would put a tent up and sleep there. One day the foxes invited the forest animals to come to there whole to find food and stay together, and help dig underground so they won't get us how hard they dig. So they said sure. At the end the farmers was never seen again , and the animals lived happily ever after. I think that was a great ending. The foxes didn't have to stay in there whole all the time. And they didn't have to worry about food supplies. Also the 3 bad ones got arrested . But I think stealing food from the farmers was also not really good. But I really don't know which one I will want to be if I was in the story. If I was the Author I think I will change the ending. Then it might be a little interesting, if the farmers were faster than the foxes, and they kept on digging, and finally the farmers dig and dig and catch the foxes. Then it might be interesting if at the end both of them become friends, and they share the food and live together happily . I think the Author's message is that if you try to be very harm to the animls , at the end something bad will happen to you, even if the animals did something wrong too.

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  1. What a wonderful sounding book. Lots of really exciting parts and some interesting insights into your reading as well. I like how you split up the various sections and ideas from the story and used great examples to illustrate your understanding of the book. I agree with your message too but I wonder how that might happen.