Civil war Reading Responce

I just Finished reading a book called Abe Lincoln's Hat, by Martha Brenner. This book made me feel about how we work really hard everyday, and how people do things for us, to help us make this world better, and make all the people happy, and make it fair for everyone. This reminds me of other famous people, that did a lot of intelligent stuff, to help the people in the world, and they worked really hard, to make the people happy, and so we could have a better world. These connections helped me really think about why they were doing these things for us, and really helping everybody, in this world. I think it is a little too easy for me. Thats why I got to really understand what the story was about, and make connections, to help me understand it even more.

At first, Lincoln was not really organized, and he always forgot, to read his letters. So he wouldn't reply. But as he noticed, that he didn't read or open, most of his letters. So he decided to put all his important letters, in to his hat, so it is more easier for him, to remember to read all the letters. I think he is very smart, to think of putting his letters in to his hat. Because he knew, he had to do something, so he could remember to read his letters. When he didn't reply people would sometimes complain, and when he gets back home, he won't check for a long time, so he would for get about it, and when he remembers, he would have so many letters, he won't be able to read them all. So then I think he had an idea, to put it in his tall hat, he wears, everyday. The town people, at first, didn't really talk about him him and things like that, but, after he had done things that really helped a lot of people, and was very kind to them, they started to always listen to his speeches, and voted for him. I think the way Lincoln changed, and how he was very helpful, made them think that he was very special.

The problem, was that he would, always forget, to read all his letters, he was too busy, that he would always have too many, to read. So he decided to put them all in his hat. So he could take of his hat, and see all his letters, anytime he wanted. I think how he thought of that, was a very great idea. So he would have his important letters, always on the top of his head. If I had to change a part, of this book, I would write more things about his life, and more interesting facts about him. So we could learn more about his whole life, and how they have more interesting facts, it would help us want to read it more, and help us understand it more. But the rest of the story, is really good. I think the author's message, is to tell you, that you should always be organized, so it would be easier for you. Trying to think of ways, to keep things organized, and how you should try to keep tract, on what you are doing. At the end, then you will not have loads of things to do. If you do them little by little, each day, you could get them done.


  1. Nice job! I really liked how you explained what you though that the moral of the book is. But I think you have put a little bit too much commas in your reading response. I would have really liked it if you have put down your connections to this book and what makes them so special.

  2. I liked how you wrote it, it was really easy to understand about Abraham Lincoln but I think there was little bit too much commas as well. I also liked how you estimated the author's message.