April 23,2010 Reading Response Journnal

I just finished a book called, Madison Finn Only the Lonely, by Laura dower. This book made me feel the importance of friends, and how you can really miss them, for not seeing them for even just a short while. Also that, friends don't stay the way they do, they can change a lot, how they react, they can sometimes change a little. This book reminded me of when I really missed my friend, when I couldn't see them for a long time, and I always stayed in contact, with t feel hem. When they come back, I would be always so happy, to see them back again. These connections helped me, so when I am reading the book, I can understand the characters feelings, how they when they are lonely, without their friends. I think this is a just right book for me, because the text is the right size, and I could make connections, and understand clearly the main idea of the story. I also think it is just right, because when it is just right for me, I would always want to read more and more, and find out what is going to happen, but if it is not, I wouldn't really want to read it.

I think madison had changed throughout the book. At first, she felt really lonely and she would run away, when she is scared or nervous, but now she wouldn't run away anymore, and at the end she doesn't feel lonely anymore. She had friends to be with, and she was never lonely again. Fiona, one of Madison's friend she met in the summer, had changed too. At first, she met madison in summer, and they were always having fun, and they were both good friends. But when school started, she started to hang out, with Ivy, and her friends. They were egg, madison, and Aimee's enemies. so suddenly things begin to change, and madison couldn't talk to Fiona, because she would always be with ivy, and her friends. Madison had changed, because of the help of all her friends, supporting her. Fiona had started to change, since she became to hang out, with ivy and her friends, and so they would always be together, and Fiona didn't know that Ivy was Madison's enemy.

The problem of the story was solved after the BBQ party. There, Fiona and Aimee was there. Fiona said she didn't want to get mad, so she forgave madison, and they all agreed that it was a misunderstanding, about how madison ignored her and was kind of rude to her, because ivy was there. I think that was a great ending. At the end, all of the friendship things, were all put together, and now that they were all happy, as friends forever. If I was going to change a part in this book, I would write more about when they were in school, and when Fiona was with Ivy. So we can know more about what happened to them, and what they were doing together. So it would be more interesting. I think the authors message was, that even if you get fights and problems, among your friends, you can always find a way to make up, and you can still be friends all the time.


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