Readin Response Journal May 4, 200

I just finished reading a book called Joey Pigza Loses Control, by Jack Gantos. This book made me feel, that sometimes parents could be a little too nice, and because of that their kids could go a little out of control. This book reminded me of when my dad always says I could buy whatever I want. But when my ask my mom, she doesn't really say yes, that often. So when I'm with my dad I always think I could buy whatever I want, but even I'm with him I don't really ask for that much things. I always ask my mom. This book also reminds me of my grandma's friend , who smokes all the time, and drinks a lot. I'm always watching him, and sometimes I ask him why he keeps on smoking, and I tell him he should stop, but he just can't stop. Same with Joey's dad, he keep on smoking, and now he started he can't stop. These connections helped me really think about how joey and his mom thought, when his dad was smoking, and how joey did whatever he wanted, because his dad kind of made him. It was easier for me to understand the story. I think this is a just right book for me, because I understand clearly the characters feelings, the main idea, and other things.

I think Joey had changed a lot in this story. At first he always puts his patches on, and listened to his mom. But after he went to live with his dad for a while, all of a sudden he went out of control. His dad took him to do things he had never done, he said he didn't have to wear his patches, and so joey became to be like his dad. He didn't wear his patches, he did unusual things other people didn't do, and that was all because, he didn't have his patches on. Grandma also changed a little. First she was always mean to Joey, and she was teasing him. But as the story went on she became kind of nicer, and she was sometimes on Joey's side. I think joey changed, because of his dad. Because his dad was always so nice to him, in his way, and he was kind of spoiling him. He was letting him do dangerous things, and he was making Joey go out of control. I think grandma changed, because at first she didn't like Pablo, Joey's dog, that much. But now she was OK with him, and she thought that Joey was a fun Little kid. So now she didn't always get mad at him anymore.

The problem of the story, was that dad kept on letting Joey do whatever he wanted, and he was letting Joey do things his mom would never let him do. Joey started to thought that all the things his dad said were right, and he thought he was having lots of fun. He wanted to be a normal id, but he just couldn't control him self. But after the big game, and other problems, he started to want to live with his mom again. He didn't want to stay with his dad anymore, and do all the things he have been enjoying. So his mom came and pick him up, and she brought him and Pablo home. Dad didn't see them when they left, but I think grandma and his girl friends Liz, had told him. If I was going to change this book I would change the ending. I think the ending was a little bit strange. The ending was just that his mom went to pick Joey up, and they just straight away went home. Maybe I made the ending, like mom picks Joey up, and there she meets dad, and they talk about the past, then they become one full family, all back together again, and they decide to go home together, and maybe Liz could go back to where she came from, and grandma could also go with Joey, back to their home. I think the Author's message is even if you weren't a normal kid like everyone else, if you try to and do what you are suppose to do,, and if you don't make it worse, you can make it.

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